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Welcome to Health Place, a new platform built by and for local health and place-based systems, that offers seamless and comprehensive access to health and wellbeing support.

Health Place is an essential tool for Social Prescribing Link Workers and those with similar “coaching and connecting” roles. You can use the system to help clients search for support based on what matters to them, make referrals and then receive follow-up information on levels of engagement, satisfaction and outcomes achieved.

GPs can combine Health Place with use of platforms such as AccuRx, iPlato or MJog to mass message patients presenting heightened risk for specific health problems such as Mental Health or Musculo-skeletal pain, or share by phone, email, or in consultations; giving a strong nudge to increased self-management, improved wellbeing and reduced reliance on GP services in the future.

Employment support staff such as Disability Employment Advisers can use Health Place to give claimants access to wrap around support that will boost both health and employment outcomes.

Council staff, for example in Public Health, Neighbourhood Services and especially those areas committed to local integrated teamwork, can use Health Place to access all local public services alongside a wealth of third sector and national offers; making existing resources stretch much further.

We recommend that you start with playing with the platform as it is right now, but please bear in mind that the service is still in Public Beta and we still have many improvements in the pipeline. This includes integration shortly with other digital systems such as leading Client Management Systems for social prescribing, for maximum ease and effectiveness.

Want to learn more? We are running a series of drop-in webinars for busy professionals that give you a quick tour of the system and explain our roots in a model of tackling health inequality at its roots and addressing the social and psychological as well as physical needs of people in being well and in control of their lives.

You might also want to join our Co-design Coalition to get advance knowledge of what is coming next and help us to co-design and test key pieces of functionality so they work for you.

If your area wants to start making referrals through the platform, a senior staff member will need to sign off the request, you’ll need send us a list of approved supporters and we’ll give them access to enhanced roles and permissions within the platform. Please email global.admin@healthplace.io to make this happen.